1. No. 18-5/2012-CS-I Dated 21.11.2012: Amendment to TERMs and Conditions for Other Service Provider (OSP) Category - OSPs may have a distributed architecture of EPABX (main EPABX at a centralized location and Media Gateways at individual OSP CENTRES) for their OSP centres across India and the OSPs would also be able to use the Closed User Group (CUG) facility for their Internal Communication needs.

2. No. 18-2/2008CS-I (Vol-III) pt dated 9.8.2012: DoT letter instruction to TERM Cells for collecting the files of OSP registration (prior to decentralization) from CS-I Cell of DoT (HQ), Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi, feeding of Old OSP registration data in Online OSP registration software.

3.No. 18-5/2209-CS-I dated 7.10.2011: Amendment to Terms and Conditions for Other Service Provider (OSP) Category - OSPs have been allowed to share the EPABX of International Call Centre (ICC) and PSTN lines for office use with logical partioning and Restriction on limiting the Extended Agent positions to SSA & adjoining SSAs has been removed.

4.18-2/2008-CS-I (Vol-III) dated 23.12.2010: Launching of the Online OSP Registration Software – Launch the Online OSP Registration Software w.e.f. 31.12.2010 for Call Centres.

5.No. 18-2/2009-CS-I dated 25.5.2009: Amendment to Terms and Conditions for Other Service Provider (OSP) Category – The OSP operator shall submit a security of Rs.1. crore with an agreement envisaging to meet certain obligations like exclusive use of home agent, all responsibility to be borne by OSP etc.,

6. No. 18-1/2009-CS-I dated 25.2.2009: Clarification regarding Terms and Conditions for registration of Other Service Providers (OSP)

7.No.18-2/2008CS-I dated 5.8.2008 Office Memorandum: Registration of Other Service Providers (OSPs) – Revision of terms and conditions – Registration of Work From Home concept permitted.

8. No. 18-7/2007 OSP dated 2.6.2008 Office Memorandum: Decentralization of registration under Other Service Providers (OSP) category and “Telemarketing” category from CS Cell of DoT (HQ) to the field units of VTM Cells.

As result of our interaction with Department of Telecom, OSP Policy has been revised to meet the Call Centre Industry’s requirements w.e.f. 05-08-2008 vide letter No. 18-2/2008-CS-I. The following are the salient points:

1. The concept of agent positions working from Home has been introduced (Work from Home Concept). As a safeguard, submission of a Bank Guarantee of Rs. 5 Crores has been prescribed;

2. The restriction of 10% outgoing PSTN lines in a Domestic Call Centre (DCC) and submission of associated Bank Guarantee of Rs.10 Lakhs has been dispensed with;

3. The amount of Bank Guarantee has been reduced from Rs.2.5 Crores to Rs. 50 Lakhs and from Rs. 5 Crores to Rs. 1 Crore for each location in cases of resources sharing between International OSP and Domestic OSP;

4. Provision of separate category of Standalone OSP centres have been dropped and it has been merged with the Domestic OSPs category;

5. Definition of ‘Telecom Resources’ has been expanded to include Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN);



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